Biblical Chronology

Old Testament Chronological Studies:

    Significant Developments in ANE History in Relation to the Patriarchs

    Calculating the Date of Creation and the Flood;  A Young Earth Creationist View

Primary OT Chronological Charts:

    Major Periods of Old Testament History

Key Events of the Old Testament:

             From Abraham to the Exodus  (2091-1446 BC)

             From the Exodus to the Monarchy  (1446-1051 BC)

             From the Monarchy to the Close of the OT  (1051-430 BC)

Supplemental OT Chronological Charts:

    Chart of The Patriarchs (Chronology)

    The Hebrew Calendar

    Chronology of the Wilderness Period

    The Division of the Kingdom

    Daniel's Seventy Weeks

    The Post-Exilic Period

New Testament Chronological Studies:

    A Chronology of the Apostle Paul's Life and Ministry

    Chart of the Chronology of Paul's Life and Ministry