Syntax Front Cover

Hebrew Syntax
Quick-Reference Manual
For Use in Hebrew Exegesis

by Dr. J. Paul Tanner

   Table of Contents



   Part 1:  Introduction and Table of Contents

   Part 2:  The Verb in the Perfect

   Part 3:  The Verb in the Imperfect

   Part 4:  Volitives

   Part 5:  Participles

   Part 6:  The Noun in the Genitive Case

   Part 7:  The Noun in the Accusative Case

   Part 8:  The Waw Conjunctive and Disjunctive

   Part 9:  The Waw Consecutive in Narrative Sequence

   Part 10:  Hebrew Clauses

   Part 11:  Hendiadys

   Part 12:  The Conjuction kî

   Part 13:  Appendix A - Figures of Speech

   Part 14:  Appendix B - Signs, Symbols, and Abbreviations
                        used in the Text-Critical Apparatus of the Hebrew Bible

   Part 15:  Index