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    Ancient Near East, History of  (background to Genesis)

  Bibliography for Old Testament Studies

  Chronology, Biblical   (Studies and Charts)

  Commentaries, Recommended Evangelical

  Creation Account, Evangelical Approaches (Gen 1−3)

    Deuteronomistic Theory (Evaluation of)

    Discipleship Materials  (after opening, look for "Recommended Resources")

    Divorce:  Reasons Why Not To

    Documentary Hypothesis  (Source Analysis)

    Election and Predestination

    Eschatological Systems

    Follow-up Booklet for New Christians
        "Starting My New Life in Christ"

    Geographical Orientation to the Ancient Near East

    Gospel Presentation  (Proclaiming the Secret)

    Historical Narratives, An Introduction

    History, Significant Developments in ANE History in Relation to the Patriarchs

  JEDP Theory  (Source Analysis)

    Jeroboam I:  An Analysis of the Reformation of Jeroboam I
        and Its Effect Upon the Northern Kingdom of Israel
             (a study in 1 Kings)

    Narratives, Historical  (Introduction to)

    New Covenant:  Seeing OT National Promises in Light of NC Fulfillment
A Study of the Use of Quotations From Hosea 12 in Romans 9:25-26)

    Old Testament Overview  (chart)


    Old Testament Themes  (chart)


    Paul:  A Chronology of the Apostle Paul's Life & Ministry


    Paul:  An Overview Chart of Paul's Life & Ministry


    Predestination (and Election)


  Progressive Fulfillment  (of OT covenants and promises)


    Prophets, Introduction to


    Prophets, Old Testament Background


    Rapture, Theories of the


    Scholer:  Response to Views of David M. Scholer on Women

  Source Analysis of the Old Testament (JEDP Theory)

  Theological Studies of the Old Testament

    Women and Church Leadership

    Women:  Response to Views of David M. Scholer