An Exposition of the Book of Revelation

Table of Contents  
by Dr. J. Paul Tanner



          Introductory Matters  (Date, Authorship, etc.)                            Intro. A.1

          Historical Background                                                                 Intro. B.1

          Interpretative Approaches & Hermeneutical Guidelines                 Intro. C.1

          The Prophetic Foundation for Studying Revelation                         Intro. D.1

          Structural Outline of Revelation                                                    Intro. E.1

          Book Chart of Revelation                                                             Intro. E.3

          Bibliography                                                                                 Intro. F.1

Notes on the Biblical Text

          Session 1:    Rev 1:1-20                            

          Session 2:    Rev 2:13:22  

                           Supplement:  Rev 3:5 Erasing One's Name from The Book of Life                    

          Session 3:    Rev 4:15:14                 

          Session 4:    Rev 6:18:1                

          Session 5:    Rev 8:211:19            

          Session 6:    Rev 12:1-17       

                           Supplement:  Rationale For Interpreting The Temporal References In Revelation 12 Literally

          Session 7:    Rev 13:1-10            

          Session 8:    Rev 13:1114:20         

          Session 9:    Rev 15:116:16     

          Session 10:  Rev 16:1718:24   NEW!   Oct 30, 2014

                           Part 1:  Parallels of Babylon in Revelation with Jeremiah 5051

                           Part 2:  Parallels of Babylon in Revelation with Jeremiah 5051

          Session 11:  Rev 19:1-21            

          Session 12:  Rev 20:1-15      

          Session 13:  Rev 21:122:5     

          Session 14:  Rev 22:6-21 


          Old Testament References in the Book of Rev  (Not available in this version)     Appendix A.1

          Eschatological Systems                                                                                    Appendix B.1

          A Study of the Rapture  [Sorry. This page has been removed for updating]    Appendix C.1

          History of Interpretation of the Book of Revelation                                            Appendix D.1