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      A Defense
            of the
  Biblical Account
    (Genesis 12)

                      Table of Contents:

For each part of the presentation, there is a video to watch.  There will also be one or more PDF documents that you can view or print out that accompanies the respective video.  Before viewing any of the video episodes, we recommend you first print out the following two documents:

     01 - Outline of the Video Presentation "Probing the Genesis Creation Account"
    02 - Textual Layout of Genesis 1:1-31

PART I:      Introduction to the Debate and Crucial Questions

                             Video Episode Part 1

PART II:    Evangelical Views of the Creation Account

Video Episode Part II
                             03 - Chart:  Evangelical Views of the Creation Account  (P. Tanner)

PART III:   Contemporary Views of Genesis 1:1-3

Video Episode Part III
                             04 - Contemporary Views of Gen 1:1-3  (P. Tanner)
                             05 - Gen 1:1-3 and the Literary Boundary of Day One  (J. Lyon, JETS 2019)
                             06 - Gen 1:1-3:  Creation or Re-Creation?  Part 1  (M. Rooker, BibSac 1992)
                             07 - Gen 1:1-3:  Creation or Re-Creation?  Part 2  (M. Rooker, BibSac 1992)

PART IV:   Exegetical Details Pertaining to Genesis 12

Video Episode Part IV
                              08 - Exegetical Details Pertaining to Genesis 12  (P. Tanner)
                       09 - Why Adam Was Realand Why it Matters  (M. Bailey, Veritas 2016)
                       10 - The Importance of an Historical Adam  (S. Turpin, Answers Res. Jour. 2013)
                       11 - Eroding the Historical Adam: A Response to Adam and the Genome  (S. Turpin)
                       12 - In Defense of the Historical Adam  (T. Mortenson, 2015)
                       13 - The Literary Structure of Genesis 1: God Forming and Filling  (P. Tanner)

PART V:    The Role of Hermeneutics in the Creation Debate

Video Episode Part V
                              14 - A Defense of a Literary Hermeneutic for Interpreting Genesis 1  (P. Tanner)
                       15 - The "Toledot" Structure of the Book of Genesis  (P. Tanner)
                       16 - An Overview Chart of the Book of Genesis  (P. Tanner)

PART VI:    Dating the Creation and Flood Accounts in Light of Gen 5 and 11
Video Episode Part VI
                        17 - The Genealogies of Genesis 5 and 11:  Gapless Chronologies  (P. Tanner, ETS Conf. 2016)
                        18 - Old Testament Chronology and Its Implications for the Creation and Flood  (P. Tanner, BibSac 2015)
                        19 - Calculating the Date of Creation and the Flood:  A Young-Earth Creationist View  (P. Tanner)
                        20 - Chart:  Genealogies of Genesis 5 and 11: A Comparison of Manuscripts  (P. Tanner)
                        21 - The Case for the Septuagint's Chronology in Genesis 5 and 11  (H. Smith, Proceedings 2018)
                        22 - Chart:  A Comparison of Pre-Abrahamic Genealogical Dates:  Hebrew vs. Gk LXX  (P. Tanner, 2020)

PART VII:    Concluding Statements

Video Episode Part VII

     "By the word of the LORD the heavens were made,
      And by the breath of His mouth all their host . . .
      For He spoke, and it was done;
      He commanded, and it stood fast."
     Psalms 33:6, 9