Biblical Chronology

Old Testament Chronological Studies:

    Significant Developments in ANE History in Relation to the Patriarchs

    Calculating the Date of Creation and the Flood;  A Young Earth Creationist View

    Old Testament Chronology and Its Implications for the Creation and Flood Accounts. 
          Bibliotheca Sacra
172 (Jan-Mar 2015): 24-44.

In my BibSac article on OT chronology, I have followed the numbers and ages provided in the Hebrew Masoretic Text.  This leads to a conclusion that Abram was born in 2166 BC, and the flood and creation dates would be approximately 2550 BC and 4200 BC respectively.  However, as is well-known, the ages given in the Greek Septuagint tradition for Gen 5 and 11 differ significantly from that of the Masoretic Text.  In light of Henry B. Smith's excellent research on this issue, I am open to the possibility that the Septuagint has preserved the more accurate numbers.  By following the Septuagint data on the ages in Gen 5 and 11, a date for the flood would be approximately 3400-3300 BC and for creation about 5500 BC.  I am withholding judgment on this matter for the moment, but I would encourage readers to study Henry Smith's work.  His article is entitled "The Case for the Septuagint's Chronology in Genesis 5 and 11" and is available on the ABR website (Associates for Biblical Research).  Click here.

Primary OT Chronological Charts:

    Major Periods of Old Testament History

Key Events of the Old Testament:

             From Abraham to the Exodus  (2091-1446 BC)

             From the Exodus to the Monarchy  (1446-1051 BC)

             From the Monarchy to the Close of the OT  (1051-430 BC)

Supplemental OT Chronological Charts:

    Chart Comparing the Genealogies of Gen 5 and 11 by Manuscripts

    Chart: Comparison of Pre-Abrahamic Genealogy Dates (Heb MT vs. Gk LXX)

    Chart of The Patriarchs (Chronology)

    The Hebrew Calendar

    The 1446 BC Exodus Event and Egyptian Chronology

    Chronology of the Wilderness Period

    The Division of the Kingdom

    Rulers of the Exilic and Post-exilic Periods

    Daniel's Seventy Weeks

    The Post-Exilic Period

New Testament Chronological Studies:

    A Chronology of the Apostle Paul's Life and Ministry

    Chart of the Chronology of Paul's Life and Ministry