Election and Predestination


The subject of election and predestination has been one of controversy in the church for centuries.  I do not claim to have the final answer on this by any means.  It is, however, something to ponder, as there are a great many passages that relate to this issue.  The following documents are provided to help you think through the issue for yourself.  Some of these are my own writings, but some are by others.  The first document below is by a friend of mine, Dr. Charlie Bing, who succinctly describes seven different views of election.

        "Free Grace and Views of Election"  -  Dr. Charlie Bing, GraceLife Ministries


        "How God Draws People to Salvation" (John 6:44 vs. John 12:32)  -  Dr. J. Paul Tanner

"No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws him; and I will raise him up at the last day."


        "The Soteriological Spectrum Chart:  Seeking Common Ground"  -  Dr. J. Paul Tanner

The subject of divine election is something we will never get all Christians to agree on.
This chart is intended to help us realize the things we ought to be able to agree on,
while we acknowledge that some things will always be a mystery to our understanding.