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The CD is no longer available.  All materials are now on the website only.

Printing Problems

The documents contained on this website are in PDF format.  Unless otherwise indicated, they are formatted for A4 size paper (not American Ltr size).  If you download one of these documents and wish to print them in the United States, you will have a problem (unless you have A4 size paper).  For instance, if you try to print out a five-page document on Ltr size paper, this will not print correctly since the page length differs.  There is a way to get around this problem, however.  If you print one page at a time, you can trick your printer into printing an A4 format onto a Ltr size sheet of paper.  Some of the newer postings (e.g., my published articles), however, are in Ltr size format.


A project of this size and scope would not have been possible without the assistance of many other brothers and sisters in the body of Christ.  I would particularly like to thank the two men who helped with the translation of my notes into Arabic, Mr. Issa Q. Tannous and Mr. Samir Shomali.  I also am indebted to Issa for his care in editing much of the translated work.  Thanks also go to Mr. Habil Yousif, who ably served under me as Academic Dept. Coordinator during my tenure as Academic Dean.  Habil helped format many of the early versions of my notes, and artfully produced many of my charts in Arabic.  I owe a great deal to Nisreen Suliman, media specialist at JETS, who prepared all the documents for final formatting, converted them all to PDF format, and who also helped produce many of my charts in Arabic.  I wish to thank Mr. Eihab Nemri, computer specialist with BEE World, for his help in some of the technical matters of designing this program in Microsoft FrontPage.  I also thank my son, Brandon Tanner, a computer specialist, for his help in some technical matters of preparing the CD Rom.  I wish to thank Mr. Kamal Iskandar Khalil Khlaif and his staff at West Amman Baptist Church for helping to design the CD label.  Thanks also go to my faithful secretary, Virginia Dalleh, for the many little things that she did to help me keep going in the busy times.  Finally, I wish to thank all my students who sat in my  classes and read my notes, who sharpened my thinking, and who prompted me to keep refining what I had done.

Viewing PDF Files

Most of the documents on this website are in PDF format.  In order to view these PDF documents, you will need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer.  If you do not have Adobe Reader, click the link below, and this program will automatically be installed on your computer.

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