The following materials are available for the Book of Genesis:

                Introduction to Genesis                                                                                                           

                Gen 1:12:3  -  The Beginning in Blessing               

                Book Chart of Genesis         

                Evangelical Approaches to the Creation Account  (Gen 1:1-3)     

                Chart:  Evangelical Theories of Origins and Creation                 

                Dating the Creation and the Flood  (A Young-Earth View)

                Gen2:411:26  -  Sin's Entrance and the Deterioration of Mankind 

                Chart of Genesis 2:44:26 

                Chart Comparing the Genealogies of Gen 5 and 11 by Manuscripts

                Chart: Comparison of Pre-Abrahamic Genealogy Dates (Heb MT vs. Gk LXX)

                Gen 11:2725:11  -  The Covenant with Abraham   

                Chart of Genesis 11:2725:11   

                Map of Biblical Haran in Aram-Naharaim

                Chart of Abraham's Family Line and Connection to Job

                Gen 25:1250:26  -  The Jacob and Joseph Narratives  

                Chart of Genesis 2550   

                Chart of The Patriarchs (Chronology)