Hosea - Joel - Amos - Obadiah - Jonah -
Micah - Nahum - Habakkuk - Zephaniah

The following materials are available for the Minor prophets of the Pre-exilic period:

    The Old Testament Background for a Study of the Prophets 

    An Introduction to the Prophets

    The Book of Obadiah 

    The Book of Jonah

    Book Chart of Jonah

    The Book of Joel:  A Warning of the Day of the LORD 

    The Book of Amos:  A Cry for Social Righteousness 

    Book Chart of Amos  

    Amos:  The Structural Features of the Book 

    Micah:  Synthesis and Highlights of the Book 

    Book Chart of Micah  

    Hosea:  A Synthesis of the Book   

    Book Chart of Hosea  

    Hosea:  The Use of Hosea 12 in Romans 9 

    Hosea:  The Use of Hosea 12 in Romans 9:25-26 (BibSac article) 

    Chart:  The Use of Hosea 1:6-10 and 2:23 in the NT  

    Nahum:  An Oracle of Judgment on Nineveh 

    Book Chart on Nahum   

    Comparison of Nineveh's War Atrocities 

    Zephaniah:  Is the 'Day of the Lord' Coming Soon? 

    Book Chart of Zephaniah  

    Habakkuk:  The Prophet Who Questioned God  

    Book Chart of Habakkuk