The Book of Daniel

Man of Integrity    Man of Prophetic Insight



Introductory Matters Regarding the Book of Daniel

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   Appendix A    General Remarks

   Appendix B    Place in the Canon

   Appendix C    Texts and Versions

   Appendix D    The Unity and Literary Structure of Daniel

   Appendix E    The Date & Authorship of Daniel

   Appendix E Supplement    Chronological Reconciliation (Dan 1 & 2)

   Appendix H    The Historical Background

   Appendix I    The Religious & Theological Background

   Appendix J    The History of Interpretation of Daniel

   Appendix L    The Message & Purpose of Daniel

   Appendix M    Outline of the Book of Daniel

   Appendix N    A Study of Daniel 11:36-45  (Antichrist)

   Appendix O    Antiochus IV Epiphanes

   Appendix P    Archaeological Background of Babylon