The Book of Daniel

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List of Resources Available on Daniel

   Introductory Matters Regarding the Book of Daniel

   Charts for the Book of Daniel

   Daniel 11 - Chart of Biblical Text and Historical Notes

   Professional Publications and Conference Papers on Daniel

   Short Commentary on the Book of Daniel  (PDF)
         This is a non-technical commentary of less than 120 pages
         that was written for the BEE World course on the Book of Daniel.
         For the full-length more technical commentary, see below.

   The Identifications of "Darius the Mede"  (PDF)
        This PDF was written by a friend of mine, Dr. Steven Anderson.  I endorse his identification
        of "Darius the Mede" as being a throne name for Cyaxares II, the son of the Median king
        Astyages (mentioned by the Greek historian Xenophon but not by Herodotus).



Daniel Commentary (EEC Series) Now Published!
Daniel Cover - EEC

My full-length commentary on the book of Daniel for the Evangelical
Exegetical Commentary series
has now been published by Lexham Press
for use in Logos Bible Software:

       Tanner, J. Paul.  Daniel.  Evangelical Exegetical Commentary,
       eds. H. Wayne House and William D. Barrick.  Bellingham, WA:
       Lexham Press, 2020.

In addition to being available electronically through Logos Bible Software,
a hard-copy print version (864pp) can be ordered on:   and    CBD Books