The Book of Daniel

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Professional Publications and Conference Papers on Daniel

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   1992      "Daniel's 'King of the North':  Do We Owe Russia An Apology?"
                       Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society
35:3 (Sept 1992): 315-28.

   2002       “Ancient Babylon:  From Gradual Demise to Archaeological Rediscovery,”
                       Near East Archaeological Society Bulletin
47 (2002): 11-20.

   2003       The Literary Structure of the Book of Daniel,"
                        Bibliotheca Sacra
160:639 (July-Sept 2003): 269-82.

   2009       “Is Daniel’s Seventy-Weeks Prophecy Messianic?  Part 1.” 
                        Bibliotheca Sacra
166:662 (Apr-Jun 2009): 181-200.

   2009       “Is Daniel’s Seventy-Weeks Prophecy Messianic?  Part 2.” 
                        Bibliotheca Sacra
166:663 (Jul-Sep 2009): 319-35.

   2019       “Daniel 7:13-27; The Glorious Son of Man." 
                        In The Moody Dictionary of Messianic Prophecy, ed. Michael Rydelnik and Edwin Blum, 1127-38. 
                        Chicago: Moody Press, 2019.  [The book can be ordered from].

   2019       Christ in Daniel: Ramifications of a Closer Look at Daniel 9:26." 
                        Paper delivered at the Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society.  Nov 20, 2019.