Biblical Theological Studies

The following documents are designed to show how the covenants and promises, originally uttered to Israel, find their progressive fulfillment in the total program of God.  In particular, attention is given to the theme of the Kingdom of God as the grand culmination of God's program.

        Part 1:  Dispensations and the Fulfillment of the New Covenant
                          in Regard to the Church

        Part 2:  Israel's Fulfillment and the Culmination of the Covenant
                         Promises in the Messianic Kingdom

        Chart:  God's Historical Program of Salvation and "The People of God"

Thoughts on Election and Predestination:

        Click the icon to the left for an introduction to divine election and predestination

Israel's Future Salvation and Restoration in the Millennial Kingdom:

        An Evaluation of Replacement Theology (PDF of PowerPoint Presentation)

Refuting the False Teachings of the Hebrew Roots Movement:

        Click the icon to the left to open a discussion page regarding the Hebrew Roots movement

The following are miscellaneous theological studies:

        An Analysis of the Reformation of Jeroboam I and Its Effect Upon the Northern Kingdom of Israel
             (a study in 1 Kings)

        Source Analysis of the Old Testament

        An Evaluation of the Deuteronomistic Theory

        Seeing Old Testament National Promises in Light of New Covenant Fulfillment
                [A Study of the Use of Quotations From Hosea 12 in Romans 9:25-26]

        Eschatological Systems

Charts summarizing Old Testament themes and theology:

        Chart:  Overview of the Old Testament 
        Chart:  Themes of the Old Testament