Haggai - Zechariah - Malachi

The following materials are available for the Post-exilic Prophets:

  Chart of the Post-Exilic Period   

  Haggai:  Rebuilding in the Face of Discouragement 

  Book Chart of Haggai  

  Devotional:  "The Fantasy of A Quick and Easy Success"  (Haggai 2:1-9) 

  Zechariah:  Complete Notes on Zech 114 (Special edition)

  Zechariah 14 

  Book Chart of Zechariah  

  Zechariah 58    

  Zechariah 911

  Zechariah 1214   

  Malachi:  A Synthesis of the Book 

  Malachi 2:  A Summary of the Issue of Divorce and Remarriage 

  Malachi 3:  Giving for the New Testament Believer  

  Book Chart of Malachi