A Guide to Understanding the Old Testament

Volume One
From Creation Through the Period of the Judges

Table of Contents



    Bibliography for Old Testament Studies                                      

    Recommended Evangelical Commentaries on the Old Testament        

    Overview Chart of Genesis--Ruth



    Chronological Charts for the Old Testament

    Significant Developments in ANE History in Relation to the Patriarchs                  2.1

    Geographical Orientation to the Ancient Near East                                               Suppl. 2.1



    Introduction to Genesis                                                                                         3.1                             

    Gen 1:1—2:3  -  The Beginning in Blessing                                                            4.1

    Book Chart of Genesis                                                                                         Suppl 4.1

    Evangelical Approaches to the Creation Account  (Gen 1:1-3)                              Suppl 4.2

    Chart:  Evangelical Theories of Origins and Creation                                            Suppl. 4.3

    Dating the Creation and the Flood  (A Young-Earth View)                                    Suppl. 4.4

    Gen2:4—11:26  -  Sin's Entrance and the Deterioration of Mankind                      5.1

    Chart of Genesis 2:4—4:26                                                                                  Suppl 5.1

    Chart Comparing the Genealogies of Gen 5 and 11 by Manuscripts                     Suppl 5.2

    Chart: Comparison of Pre-Abrahamic Genealogy Dates (Heb MT vs. Gk LXX)   Suppl 5.3

    Gen 11:27—25:11  -  The Covenant with Abraham                                              6.1

    Chart of Genesis 11:27—25:11                                                                           Suppl 6.1

    Map of Biblical Haran in Aram-Naharaim                                                            Suppl 6.2

    Chart of Abraham's Family Line and Connection to Job                                       Suppl 6.3

    Gen 25:12—50:26  -  The Jacob and Joseph Narratives                                      7.1

    Chart of Genesis 25—50                                                                                    Suppl 7.1

    Chart of The Patriarchs (Chronology)                                                                  Suppl 7.2



    Exod 1—11  -  The Bondage of Egypt                                                                   8.1

    Book Chart of Exodus                                                                                          Suppl 8.1

    Chart of Exodus 1—11                                                                                        Suppl. 8.2

    The 1446 BC Exodus Event and Egyptian Chronology                                        Suppl. 8.3

    Exod 12:1—18:27  -  Redemption from Bondage                                                  9.1

    Chart of Exodus 12—18                                                                                       Suppl 9.1

    The Hebrew Calendar                                                                                          Suppl 9.2

    Exod 19:1—24:18  -  The Covenant at Sinai                                                         10.1

    Exod 25:1—40:38  -  The Tabernacle in the Wilderness                                        11.1


SOURCE ANALYSIS OF              

   Source Analysis of the Old Testament                                                                   12.1



    Lev 1:1—10:20  -  Worshiping Through Sacrifice                                                 13.1

    Book Chart of Leviticus                                                                                       Suppl 13.1

    Lev 11:1—16:34  -  The Day of Atonement                                                         14.1

    Lev 17:1—27:34  -  Laws of Holiness and Israel's Calendar (Feasts)                    15.1

    Chart:  The Feasts of Israel  (Lev 23)                                                                    Suppl 15.1

    Chart:  The Feasts of Israel  (Lev 23)  [Alternative chart]



    Num 1:1—10:10  -  Preparation for the Journey                                                    16.1

    Book Chart of Numbers                                                                                        Suppl 16.1

    Chart:  Chronology of the Wilderness Period

    Num 10:11—21:35  -  Rebellion in the Wilderness                                                 17.1

    Num 22:1—36:13  -  Preparation of the New Generation                                       18.1



    Introduction to Deuteronomy                                                                                  19.1

    Book Chart of Deuteronomy                                                                                  Suppl 19.1

    Deut 1:1—26:19  -  Motivation and Stipulations for the Renewed Covenant            20.1

    Deut 27:1—34:12  -  The Future of the Covenant Nation                                        21.1

    Chart of Deut 28—30  (Blessings, Curses & Restoration)                                      Suppl 21.1



    Josh 1:1—12:24  -  The Taking of the Land                                                           22.1

    Book Chart of Joshua                                                                                            Suppl 22.1

    Josh 13:1—24:33  -  The Allotment of the Land                                                     23.1



    An Evaluation of the Deuteronomistic Theory                                                         24.1



    Introduction to the Book of Judges                                                                         25.1

    Book Chart of Judges                                                                                           Suppl 25.1

    Chart:  Paralleling of the Introduction and Epilogue of Judges                                  Suppl 25.2

    The Gideon Narrative as the Focal Point of Judges                                                 26.1

    Chart:  The Symmetrical Arrangement of the Gideon Narrative                               Suppl 26.1

    Ruth 1—4  -  A Glimmer of Grace                                                                        27.1

    Book Chart of Ruth                                                                                              Suppl 27.1